Friday, December 21, 2007

Prototype #2 of 3D Comic Book Viewer

I've updated the viewer with some new features and fixes.


- Pages are extracted one at a time, which means faster loading times ( thanks Valentin! ).

- Now works with CBR, CBZ, ZIP and RAR - and also CBZs that are named CBRs ( thanks again Valentin! ).

- Better handling of wide pages.

- Use ENTER and RETURN to view the next page, HOME and END view the first and last page.

Download Instructions

Download and extract the files from the ZIP below...

Instructions on how to use the viewer can be seen as part of the Prototype #1 posting at the bottom of this page.

Hopefully this will make your comic viewing experience a bit smoother and more enjoyable...


Again, all feedback ( via the website, or directly ) is much appreciated.

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