Thursday, January 3, 2008

Prototype #4 of 3D Comic Book Viewer

Here's the first new years update of the 3D viewer.


- Press the ] or > keys to load the next comic file in the folder ( [ or < to load the previous one )
- The next comic file will be loaded automatically after the last page is read
- Press M to disable mip mapping and filtering on the page image
- The viewer will pre-load the next image if the viewer doesn't interact with the software for a short period of time

We now also have additional mouse controls
- Use the mouse wheel to zoom in to the image
- Hold down and drag the left mouse button to pan around the page
- Hold down the right mouse button to zoom in and out of the image

Download Instructions

Download and extract the files from the ZIP below...

Instructions on how to use the viewer can be viewed in the previous blog posts ( especially the first posting at the bottom of the page ).

Enjoy, and Happy New Year!!!


Knight Rider said...

Great software, but with a config file to safe preferences it'll be better

Anonymous said...

This looks promising!

But it still needs a little work...

I find that the pages appear "fat"...that is to say stretched a bit. They are not the original dimensions as the .jpg image itself. They look short & fat.
Also I had a bit of trouble with the panning. I didn't like how it "floated". That is sort of annoying. I had a hard time controling it. Also when I used the mouse to pan it is confusing...up=down??? and left=right? Would it not be better to allow the mouse to pan as other apps do? The direction you drag the image is the direction it moves.
And the white background only is rough on some people's should have a choice of background colors. Gray & Black are popular in this respect.
And...there seems to be no option of viewing 2 pages at a time side-by-side.
I am sure you are familiar with CDisplay and CDisplay Ex and GonViser??

When I closed the program I had an extra folder full of JPEGS...?

I think you are really onto something...
Keep up the good work and I will keep checking in :)

Matt said...

Yup, agree with above comment. Also - if the pages loaded were scaled automatically to the back-ground I wouldn't have to zoom in so much all the time. The 'drag page' funtion can get a bit wild sometimes, it occasionally started 2cm away from mouse click and immedietly swung off the page! Maybe just me then... Still a very good prog, would pay once out of beta.