Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Prototype #7 of 3D Comic Book Viewer

This is an update of the viewer, for those who are finding previous versions timing out.

- Pressing S now gives a fancier slide show / screen saver style effect. The viewer zooms in on a few different areas of the current image, as well as rotating a bit, before rotating to the next page.

- Pressing <> will rotate the image interactively ( for no real reason, other than it's easy to do with 3D )

- This version will time out at the end of June. By then, I hope to have a version 1 complete.

Download Instructions

Download and extract the files from the ZIP below...


Instructions on how to use the viewer can be viewed in the previous blog posts ( especially the first posting at the bottom of the page ).

I'll be working on the mouse dragging next ( the current way is definitely too weird - the new way will allow the user to grab a particular part of the page, and drag it around, similar to pressing SPACE and dragging in a PDF )

Feel free to post any comments or suggestions that you would like to see in the final version!

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