Saturday, May 31, 2008

Prototype #8 of 3D Comic Book Viewer

This update now has better mouse scrolling functionality. Just click and drag, and you'll be able to scroll around the page. You can quickly drag and let go of the mouse button to get a nice scroll effect.

This makes it pretty easy to read pages using just the mouse, as right clicking toggles zooming in or out ( the mouse wheel also controls the zoom ).

I also fixed a potential issue with the loading order of comic books, if you are reading a number of CBZ/CBR files from the same folder.

Here's the link...

Feel free to post any comments or suggestions that you would like to see in the final version!

PS If there are any good comic forums that you visit, who might find this viewer interesting, could you let me know ( or could you post and send them to this link )? I'd like to get as much feedback on the viewer as possible, before releasing version 1.


mvn said...

When you use the viewer on a widescreen resolution the comic pages are streched....

Just a heads up

Nathan Cross said...

The zoomy stuff is creamy smooth, and I like being able to zoom in and out with the mousewheel. I did run into a strange thing where both left and right mouse buttons flipped back a page, but it went away when I restarted the program.

Also, I'm another stretched widescreen user - I think your frustum needs tweaking. (Oo-er.)

Other than that, it seems faster than CDisplay, and I don't keep accidentally switching pages by using the mousewheel, so I expect I'll be switching to this once you get to 1.0. Cheers!

Dwayne said...

It doesn't seem to like multiple monitors - my clicks on Monitor 2 are still handled by the app.

Really cool app though. Is there a help file that identifies the key commands?

James said...

Really fantastic software, thank you :)! I have one suggestion, it would be nice if this program could also display jpgs in a folder (i.e. not in a zip)


Anonymous said...

I have been looking for a comic book viewer for my tablet pc and this one is almost there. sadly all the images look "fat". I have tested on four computers with the same result.
I would love it if this program had some optional on screen navigation controls. maybe some cool tiny dots at the bottom of the page which could be configure for keyboard free use on the tablet pc.
overall a great job though
thanks !!!

jose in nyc

chacko said...

Seems like an interesting idea. Any chance of adapting it for the Iphone. Comics would look great there zoomed to the panel.

Jaime said...

trying to run version 8 of 3d comic viewer but it still says that i have to update

any help please

Anonymous said...

Very nice program! I agree, the pages are slightly stretched horizontally though. I had some page turning issues as some others stated, too. But restarting the app fixed it. Also, it would be nice to have customizable controls.