Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Prototype #11 of 3D Comic Book Viewer

A few more tweaks, aiming at a final version.

- The page can't now go off-screen.
- Some other tweaks and optimisations

To do...

- Show all instructions at start up ( maybe as external .png, so people can customize? )
- Drag and drop files onto viewer?
- Custom icon
- Save custom options, and re-load at start-up
- When application is in background, ignore mouse and key presses

To do for future version...

- Show more than one page at a time
- Online version for viewing local images ( as web files, eg jpg, png, gif, as CBR/CBZ formats aren't supported web files )
- PDF viewer?
- Screen saver?

Here's the link...



Bruno said...

Amazing software up to now. When it works, it works great, but I have a lot of Macromedia Projector crashes when trying to open a lot of the cbr files I have.

Running on Vista Ultimate SP1, Nvidia drivers.

Only feature I would ask for would be faster zooming and panning when using the keyboard.

Is this still in active development?

Bruno said...

As I talked about features, another one came to mind: Something like endless scrolling would be amazing if possible to implement.

What are you developing this on, flash?

keep up the good work

Z said...

The best Comic Book Viewer available... I love it.
Could i put your blog link on my comic blog ?

Mal said...

Hi folks,

Bruno, thanks for the feature requests - can you e-mail me a few of the cbr files that are causing a problem? ( malachyduffin replacewith@symbol )

The software is being developed using Adobe Director.

Z, sure - feel free to post the link anywhere you feel digital comic book readers might be hanging around! :)

shadowfox87 said...

Some suggestions: Can you make it customizable so that the people who'd like to use some keys for other functions can do it? Also I'd like the rate at which the page goes down to be customizable too. When I'm reading, I like to scroll down fast not so slow. Also for the zoom, I'd like to just use my mouse-wheel. If you could do that, that'd be awesome because no other reader can do it right now unfortunately. A simple concept such as customizing your keys...