Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Prototype #10 of 3D Comic Book Viewer

This update now has a few new features and fixes...

- I managed to ( finally ) get the auto-fit-page-to-screen-width function working ( its on by default in this version ).

This is getting very near a final release, hopefully the next one will be v1.0!

As always, all comments and suggestions are welcome.

Here's the link...



Cypherswipe said...

You should try posting on sketchyorigins.com, they have the most complete & active comic reader discussion areas I've come across: http://sketchyorigins.com/comics/showthread.php?p=115579

Your program looks promising, but the 2 biggest things it needs right now are documentaion ( a simple text file with the commands & options scattered throughout your blog would suffice), and an options menu. The options menu would allow you to set things like default zoom, viewing 2 pages at once, etc. Zooming out on the current page, only to have to zoom out again when you move to the next one gets quite irritating. Another feature for some future version would be color controls, things like gamma, color balance, and yellow reduction.

Mike said...

Looks like there's still some room for code optimization as right now zooming and panning feels slow and clunky. You might also want to look at enabling vsync which will give a much smoother reading experience which I understand is a big part of the project. You might also want to put some boundary limits on the pan and scroll functions as right now you can scroll/pan until the page isn't even visible.