Sunday, August 2, 2009

Version 1.0 released

Hi folks,

The old version of the viewer timed out, so I've just rebuilt and uploaded a Version 1.0. This won't time out any more.

I didn't get time to make many changes, but I have added in PDF viewer support. When you extract the new .EXE, make sure that you also extract the "gs" folder. If the application finds this folder, it'll automatically add in the option to view PDFs.

Here's the download link...



Z said...

Great Stuff
Look forward to further updates.

ENTJ said...

Very interesting and easy to use viewer. Just perfect for comics.
Thanks for distributing it free!

Harry said...

Hello Mal,

thank you for this very cute viewer. It has a feature I miss on all others: free zooming. Comes in handy if very big monitors are involved.

I'd have only one wish: when switching pages, the fullwidth zoom kicks in every time. Would it be possible to once set the zoom factor and it stays put?

Greetings from Germany, and thx again

Djanvk said...

Are you still working on this program? This works great on my WINxp laptop, very impressed. The only think I would like to be able to do is to adjust the speed of how fast it will scroll when using the arrow keys. Otherwise keep at it.

J. Siefer said...

I agree with Harry. This is a fantastic app- I just wish that the zooming stayed put between pages. Annoying to have to zoom out every time.

Other than that, GREAT WORK! Look forward to a future release!