Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Prototype #9 of 3D Comic Book Viewer

I didn't get round to the auto-scale-width feature ( will def work on this next ).

However, this update now has a few new features and fixes...

- The stretching should be fixed now
- If you hold down the left mouse button without dragging ( which will drag the page ), you will toggle zoom in and out. This allows for very simple viewing with a single click ( Mac users / Tablet PC users ).

Here's the link...


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Daniel LĂ©lis Baggio said...

Hi, Mal :)

I was looking for the best place to reply.
Can you send me your e-mail, please?

>Have you thought about adding support for your work to Blender, the open-source 3D app ( with built in realtime 3D Game Engine ).

Yes, that's one of the ideas I told people at PyCon 2008. I would like to receive some feedback from blender community, to see if it would be as useful as I think it would. Maybe they will be much faster manipulating resources with mouses, but I'll post there a question in a while. What do you think about using EHCI for viewing and manipulation of objects?

>It supports working with external python libraries, you can see here where someone added in ARToolkit support using a similar method.

( )

I just checked the link, it's still down, but I'll check it pretty soon again. I'm very interested!

>His main site was down as I posted this, but should be up in the near future.
Yep... :(

>Also, are you planning Windows support, or say an Active X control to easly integrate the functionality into other apps?
I'd surely like to extend EHCI to all platforms, but I'm far from being the one that better undestands Windows and ActiveX, so I'd like to gather some effort from community :)

>Keep up the great work!
Thank you a lot, congrats for your 3d comic book viewer :)

Best regards,
stay with God,